Loraine Boutwell

174 – 65-Year Love Affair Started with a Brittany | Pure Dog Talk

65-Year Love Affair Started with a Brittany When Loraine Boutwell and her husband, Victor, acquired their first Brittany in 1953 they paid $35. The puppy traveled by train from Oklahoma to Topeka, Kansas in what Loraine describes as something like a wooden orange crate Victor Boutwell, who passed away in 2003, owned a Brittany as…


173 – Dreamland Chow Chows “Show Ring is Mirror of the Whelping Box” |Pure Dog Talk

Chow Chow Breeder/Handler Shares His Story Michael & Linda Brantley were AKC’s Non-Sporting Breeders of The Year in 2013 for their Dreamland Chow Chows. Michael is a professional handler, member of the Professional Handlers Association, and has shown top ranked, multiple Best in Show winners in numerous breeds. Breeding is the Art “Still, the breeding…


172 – Veterinary Voice: Cruciate Ligaments| Pure Dog Talk

AVOID EXPENSIVE, PAINFUL CRUCIATE LIGAMENT RUPTURE Early spay/neuter is one of the primary indicators of a potential for a “blown knee” in our dogs, according to Dr. Marty Greer, DVM. The cruciate ligaments in the stifle joint of the dog serve as a hinge when working properly. When these ligaments are stretched, frayed or torn,…

Glenn and Guy Mackinac 93

171 – New AKC Department Supports Clubs | Pure Dog Talk

AKC Club Development Has Your Back All breed and specialty clubs throughout the country are struggling. Members are aging, new members are few and far between. Some clubs are struggling financially, others burdened with a handful of active members. Some have even closed their doors. AKC Club Development’s main focus is to help clubs grow….


170 – Ann Yuhasz, Four Generation Family of Dog Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

ANN YUHASZ, FOUR GENERATION FAMILY OF DOG BREEDERS We talk a lot about pedigrees in dogs, but AKC Judge Ann Yuhasz and her family have been involved in dogs, specifically English Setters, since the 1960s. Yuhasz noted that starting with her mother, to herself, to her daughter, to now her granddaughter, purebred dogs are an…


169 – Jessica Ajoux Westminster KC Agility Champion Talks Form and Function | Pure Dog Talk

WKC AGILITY WINNER SHARES HER THOUGHTS Jessica Ajoux and her Border Collie, Famous, won the WKC Master Agility Championship in February. She shares her insights on how a dog’s structure affects its performance on the agility course. Jessica Ajoux and Border Collie, Famous, are the WKC Masters Agility Champions PASSION FOR AGILITY STARTED EARLY This February…


168 – Breeder Education Advocate Claudia Orlandi Shares Knowledge | Pure Dog Talk

CLAUDIA ORLANDI ON EDUCATION AND DOG BREEDING Claudia Orlandi, Topsfield Basset Hounds, was the 2009 Breeder of the Year, but her contributions to purebred dogs are far greater than an award. She has spent years dedicated to developing, publishing and presenting live education resources for breeders. Her ABC’s of Dog Breeding and Practical Canine Anatomy books are tremendous resources for all…


167 – Komondor Breeder Anna Quigley on Cords and Clubs|Pure Dog Talk

ANNA QUIGLEY – ON THE KOMONDOR, CORDS AND CLUBS Ch. Lajosmegyi’s Patent Pending Anna Quigley is synonymous, for many in the purebred dog world, with a 110-pound, powerful, white mop. She bred, owned and handled the three-time national specialty winner, best in show winner, Westminster Kennel Club group winner that took the Komondor breed to new…


166 – Mark Dunn: AKC Registration Trend Reversal|Pure Dog Talk

Mark Dunn, AKC Senior Vice President of Registration and Customer Development, releases significant trend reversal data on the number of litters registered and the number of people breeding dogs.


165 – Agility at 83 Years Young: Laurie Morrow|Pure Dog Talk

Laurie Hatcher Morrow is 83 years old. For 70 of those years she has been actively involved in one aspect or another of purebred dogs. As a young girl, she saved her allowance in order to buy the 1947 edition of the AKC Dog Book. And she studied it until she could recite all 114 breeds. And she decided that the Shetland Sheepdog was the breed for her. At 13 years old, she convinced her father to drop her off at Madison Square Garden for the day so she could watch Westminster Kennel Club.