free stack perfection

66 – Free Stack Perfection: Dog Show Basics Expanded with Laura Reeves

Nailing the free stack in the dog show conformation ring makes your dog stand out from the rest. Laura Reeves gives your advanced practice tips to nail it every time.
Purina Farms Event Center

65 – Purina Farms Event Center: Canine Competition Destination with Kaite Flamm

Purina Farms Event Center was years in the making to be the all-inclusive canine competition destination. It is THE Best-in-Class facility designed by dog people for dog people.
bloodhound mantrailing

64 – Bloodhound Mantrailing and Canine Health Foundation Tick Program with Susan Hamil

  Bloodhound Mantrailing, Canine Health Foundation Tick Program and more with Susan Hamil Bloodhound Mantrailing vs. AKC Tracking Bloodhound Mantrailing is a Bloodhound Club breed specific performance trial that differs from AKC Tracking.  AKC Tracking is an all-breed event where the dog has to track every turn. Bloodhound Mantrailing does not have to indicate each…
expanding conformation basics

63 – Conformation Basics Expanded #1 by Laura Reeves

Conformation Basics Expanded #1 dives deeper into the dog show handler tips for better performance with your show dog. Laura Reeves is back for beginners.
Lure Coursing Straight Racing Cindi Gredys

62 – Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys: Ready to Have Fun?

Lure Coursing is a fun and energetic sport. Cindy Gredys trives to produce beautiful and functional hounds so Jubilee dogs are tested in open field competition, as well as lure coursing, racing, obedience, and rally which has produced many dual champions. The first litter, in 2001, produced a SBIS, national WD and WB in the...

61 – How to Disappear as a Dog Show Handler: Janice Hayes

Janice Hayes – The Disappearing Handler Janice Hayes started as a junior handler, then assistant handler, and quickly rose through the Professional Handler ranks.  With an English Setter as her first “heart dog”, Janice fell in love with the soft, but hard-headed sporting breeds. Perfection not Required Serious in training, fun in the ring is…

60 – National Purebred Dog Day: Susi Szeremy

National Purebred Dog Day is May 1! Join in the fun and support by posting a photo of you and your dog with a I Love Purebred Dog Day sign. Enjoy Susi Szeremy as she tells the story of the fight to make this a National Day!

59 – Stud Dog Management #4: Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips Before You Import or Export Semen

Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips to Know Before Import or Export of Semen Every country has different requirements for import and export of semen and are constantly changing the rules! Blood Tests Some require blood testing prior to collection, some after collection, some after a waiting period. If that wasn’t enough, the tests vary and…

58 -Be the Expert That John Q. Public Needs: Michelle Santana and Foxfire Dobermans

Be the Expert That John Q. Public Needs Michelle Santana – Foxfire Dobermans 35 Years in Dobermans, inherited the love of the breed from her mother, Michelle Santana is dedicated to the future of her favorite breed. While Michelle tried a brief stint in Collies, she returned committed to her mother’s breeding program, and describes…

57 – Best in Show: How an Owner-Handler Competes with the Pros – Tricia Stanczyk

Ready to Win Best in Show as an Owner Handler? Tricia Stanczyk says “You Can Do It Too!” From English Setters to Parson Russell Terriers, Tricia Stanczyk is an Owner Handler with multiple Best in Shows and a National Specialty win. Learn by Watching – Practice by Doing Learning by watching and asking questions is…