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NBC National Dog Show

133|Story of How NBC Sports Got the National Dog Show|Jon Miller|Pure Dog Talk

Jon Miller from NBC sports takes you inside the network team that brings the dogs to America on the National Dog Show Presented by Purina.

Philadelphia Wayne Ferguson

132|Story Behind When Hollywood Called, and Philadelphia Said No|Wayne Ferguson on Pure Dog Talk

When Wayne Ferguson got the phone call from Jon Miller at NBC Sports about televising the Kennel Club of Philadelphia show, which promised a welcome infusion of revenue, Ferguson initially said “no”.

Jim Reynolds Westminster Kennel Club

124 – Jim Reynolds Speaks: Over 40,000 Dogs Judged – Pure Dog Talk

Jim Reynolds estimates he’s had his hands on 40,000 dogs, give or take, all around the globe. That is a whole lot of knowledge wrapped up in one package. A tall man with a booming voice, Reynolds has a gentle hand with the dogs. He is, in a word, a legend.

Dinah Baggenstos Professional dog Handler

123 – Hiring a Professional Dog Handler: Dinah Baggenstos – Professional Handlers Association

  Hiring a Professional Dog Handler – Dinah Baggenstos and Laura Reeves Hiring a professional show dog handler can sometimes feel like falling down the rabbit hole into a parallel universe complete with secret handshakes and special code words. We talk today with Dinah Baggenstos, president of the Professional Handlers Association, to help demystify the…

Randy Roberts Dog Show Photography

121- Randy Roberts Dog Show Photography Expert Tips and the Wet Towel Trick from Allison Foley

Randy Roberts Dog Show Photography is highly respected as a wildlife and dog photographer. Randy gives tips on how to get the best shot of your dog.

Desi Murphy

117 – Desi Murphy: AKC Judge, Breeder Showcase and Grooming Tip of the Week with Allison Foley

Desi Murphy is 3rd generation in dogs, AKC judge, lover of terrier and bully breeds, and co-chair of Santa Barbara Kennel Club Breeder Showcase.

Laura Reeves

113 – Laura Reeves: On the Road Less Traveled – Stories of Dog Show Journeys

On the Road Less Traveled, Laura Reeves reminds us of take-aways from the dog show journeys themselves, and inherent dangers too.

Gail Miller Bisher

112 – A New Perspective on Westminster Kennel Club: Gail Miller Bisher – Director of Communications

A new public perspective and perhaps public outreach opportunity is offered by Gail Miller Bisher, the Director of Communications for Westminster Kennel Club, in this episode of Pure Dog Talk.
Winning Westminster Dog Show, or affectionately known as, the Garden, has been the dream of many breeders and exhibitors. Any change to the perceived purity of the “Garden” may be met with resistance from the sport. But as we listen to Gail Bisher, consider this… Westminster has the public’s eyes and ears. Who better than Westminster to be the positive voice, to bring heartwarming stories of the love and dedication of our purebred dogs and fanciers. While the Garden will always be… the Garden, maybe the show of shows has a greater role to play.

Gretchen Schultz

111- Gretchen Schultz: The “Queen of Slobber” – PHA Hall of Fame Inductee

Gretchen Schultz grew up with 50 German Shorthaired Pointers, but started her junior showmanship career with an English Cocker Spaniel, because the German Shorthairs were too big for her. She credits her mother with teaching her about breeding dogs and her dedication to her parents’ memories is obvious. Despite an attempt to break away from the allure of the dog show world, traveling the world and some wild adventures, Gretchen couldn’t stay gone for long. Her passion for the sport runs deep and wide.

Cherrie Spring How To Talk to The Animals

110 – Cherrie Spring: How To Talk To the Animals – English Springer Spaniels and Animal Communicator

Cherrie Spring – From English Springer Spaniels to Talking with the Animals. Handing her English Springer Spaniel to professional handler Gary Zayac at the National, vaulted Cherrie Spring into the world of dog shows. Balance in dogs, and balance with and through her skills as an animal communicator was not always easy. But just as show dogs learn to use themselves well, Cherrie has honed her communication skills to answer questions between owners and animals. In addition to her work as an animal communicator, Cherrie Spring has a long, diverse history involved with purebred dogs. She agreed to share some of her most powerful lessons with our PureDogTalk listeners. Enjoy this wonderful tribute to her mentors! Laura Reeves