184 – Merriam: Guts and Governance, the Bull Terrier, Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

183 — Solving the Mysteries of AKC Points and Divisions | Pure Dog Talk

182 – Love the Breeds: Clumber Spaniel Roundtable | Pure Dog Talk

181 – Dog Show Judges, Family and Welcoming Exhibitors | Pure Dog Talk

180 – Veterinary Voice: Dr. Marty Greer Talks “Frozen Assets” | Pure Dog Talk

179 — Non Profit Foundations Benefit our Breeds | Pure Dog Talk

178 — Bergit Coady Kabel: “Groomed to Perfection” | Pure Dog Talk

177 — Developing An Eye For a Dog: Recorded LIVE | Pure Dog Talk

176 — NAIA’s Patti Strand on Pet Expo for Public Outreach | Pure Dog Talk

175 — Tibetan Mastiff History, Lore and Modern Living | Pure Dog Talk

174 – 65-Year Love Affair Started with a Brittany | Pure Dog Talk

173 – Dreamland Chow Chows “Show Ring is Mirror of the Whelping Box” |Pure Dog Talk

172 – Veterinary Voice: Cruciate Ligaments| Pure Dog Talk

171 – New AKC Department Supports Clubs | Pure Dog Talk

170 – Ann Yuhasz, Four Generation Family of Dog Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

169 – Jessica Ajoux Westminster KC Agility Champion Talks Form and Function | Pure Dog Talk

168 – Breeder Education Advocate Claudia Orlandi Shares Knowledge | Pure Dog Talk

167 – Komondor Breeder Anna Quigley on Cords and Clubs|Pure Dog Talk

166 – Mark Dunn: AKC Registration Trend Reversal|Pure Dog Talk

165 – Agility at 83 Years Young: Laurie Morrow|Pure Dog Talk

164 – Busting the Genetic Testing Myths: Dr. Jerold Bell|Pure Dog Talk

163 – Cannabis for Dogs?|Kari Taylor and Alternative Therapies|Pure Dog Talk

162 – Veterinary Voice: Health Testing 101 with Dr. Marty Greer

161 – Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine on Judging Dogs as Breeding Stock|Pure Dog Talk

160 – Dr. Karen Overall: Temperament vs Genetics|Pure Dog Talk

159 – Dana Cline: 2018 Judge of the Year|Pure Dog Talk

158 – Sioux Forsyth on Judging Dogs and Anne Rogers Clark|Pure Dog Talk

157 – Sioux Forsyth: On Legends Robert and Jane Forsyth|Pure Dog Talk

SPECIAL: Who to Watch to Win Westminster|Laura Reeves|Allison Foley

156 – David Helming – At The Helm of Westminster|Pure Dog Talk

155 – Claire Ctibor – Junior Versatility Award|Road to Westminster|Pure Dog Talk

154 – Veterinary Voice with Dr. Marty Greer|C-Section Decisions|Pure Dog Talk

153 – Vicki Ronchette|Showdogs from Shy to Showy|Pure Dog Talk

152 – Positive Training for Show Dogs|Vicki Ronchette|Pure Dog Talk

151- Otterhound Semen Bank|Saving Endangered Breeds|Joellen Gregory

150 – The Dog Healers – a Novel by Mark Winik|Pure Dog Talk

149 – Pedigrees Produce Top Winners|Sue Huebner|Pure Dog Talk

148 – Sue Huebner on Breeding Basics|Cordmaker Pulik|Pure Dog Talk

147 – Lori Wells and Piglet – Catahoula Leopard Dog|Search and Rescue|Pure Dog Talk

146 – Megan Leavey, K9 Rex and Bringing Home K9 Heroes|Pure Dog Talk

145 – Pat Laurans: NOHS Best in Show|AKC National Championship|Pure Dog Talk

144 – Stars in Orlando|Jason Taylor and Jerry O’Connell|Pure Dog Talk

143 – Laura Reeves Sings 12 Puppies of Christmas|Pure Dog Talk

142 – Lorrie Carlton|Bichon Frise Breeder of Flynn|Pure Dog Talk Breeder’s Voice

141 – How to Rise to the Top|Katie Bernardin and Giant Schnauzer Ty|Pure Dog Talk

140 – Show Dog of the Year Awards|Corey Benedict|Pure Dog Talk

139 – Dog Show Mentor with Laura Reeves|Pure Dog Talk

138 – Dawn of the Dog|Jan Koler-Matznick|Pure Dog Talk

137|Scent Work for Sport and Service|Jon Sarabia|Pure Dog Talk

136|Junior Showmanship Lessons Learned|Gillian McKim|Pure Dog Talk

135|Flying Your Dog|Tips from Sandy McArthur|Pure Dog Talk

134|David Frei|Power Behind Televised Dog Shows|Pure Dog Talk

133|Story of How NBC Sports Got the National Dog Show|Jon Miller|Pure Dog Talk

132|Story Behind When Hollywood Called, and Philadelphia Said No|Wayne Ferguson on Pure Dog Talk

131|Dr. Cindy Buckmaster|Research Animal Truths|Pure Dog Talk

130|Canine Care Certified|Candace Croney PhD on Pure Dog Talk

129|Patriotic Puppies|AKC Mark Dunn|Bomb Detection Dog Breeders|Pure Dog Talk

128|Doug Ljungren is Up to Tricks…Trick Dogs|AKC VP of Sports and Performance|Pure Dog Talk

127|Canine Herpes and Puppy Fatalities|Dr. Jean Dodds|Pure Dog Talk

126 – Where’s the Beef and Why It’s With Our Dogs|Patte Klecan and Caren Cowan

125 – Marty Greer DVM JD|Cancer Links in Early Spay and Neuter|Pure Dog Talk

124 – Jim Reynolds Speaks: Over 40,000 Dogs Judged – Pure Dog Talk

123 – Hiring a Professional Dog Handler: Dinah Baggenstos – Professional Handlers Association

122 – Eddie Dziuk: OFA, CHIC and Why Breeders Should Health Test

121- Randy Roberts Dog Show Photography Expert Tips and the Wet Towel Trick from Allison Foley

120 – Canine Vaccinations with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 4

119 – Heroic Newfoundland Dogs: Water Rescue with Lou Ann Lenner and Sue Raney

118 – Thyroid Epidemic in Dogs: Dr. Jean Dodds #3

117 – Desi Murphy: AKC Judge, Breeder Showcase and Grooming Tip of the Week with Allison Foley

116 – Wholistic Medicine with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 2

115 – Commercial Kennels and Show Dog Breeders: On the Same Side with Craig Curry

114 – Saving Dog’s Lives: Canine Blood Bank with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 1

113 – Laura Reeves: On the Road Less Traveled – Stories of Dog Show Journeys

112 – A New Perspective on Westminster Kennel Club: Gail Miller Bisher – Director of Communications

111- Gretchen Schultz: The “Queen of Slobber” – PHA Hall of Fame Inductee

110 – Cherrie Spring: How To Talk To the Animals – English Springer Spaniels and Animal Communicator

109 – Social Media Sportsmanship: Dog Show Forum and The Dog Judges Report Card with Jacqueline Zwirn

108 – Bill Ellis and Junior Showmanship: How Junior Showmanship Prepares You For Life Outside the Ring

107 – How To Properly Bathe and Dry Your Dog with Laura Reeves

106 – Sheila Goffe – AKC Vice President Government Relations: How to Impact

105 – Where have All The Kennel Clubs Gone…

104 – NAIA: Patti Strand Asks “What is YOUR Elevator Speech” for Purebred Dogs

103 – Ed Thomason Tips for the Owner Handler – From a Breeder Owner Handler Turned Professional Dog Handler

102 – Dog Obedience with a What? Obedience and Agility with a Non-Traditional Dog: Gail Budde

101- Saint Bernards of Stoan and Lasqueti Island with Joan Zielinski

100 – Pure Dog Talk – Celebrate Our 100th Episode – Laura Reeves

99 – Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Mother Daughter Bonds: Cindy Vogels Part 2

98 – Cindy Vogels: Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Westminster BIS Judge, Take the Lead and AKC Canine Health Foundation Treasurer

97 – First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke and Snakebite

96 – Divorce, Disease, Disaster, Disability, Delay, Death and Your Dogs: Debra Hamilton Esq. – How to Make a MAAP Plan

95 – Generic Dogs and Common Faults: Green Room Conversation with David Frei, Patty Keenan and Shawn Nichols

94 – First Aid for Dogs – Are you Ready for Field and Show Emergencies: Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM – Part 1

93 – Versatile Companion Champion Dog – What It Took To Be The First with Andrea Ford

92 – Tracking: Testing Your Dog’s Ability to Scent with AKC Judge Wally O’Brien

91 – Dog Show Grooming, Poodle University, Online Handling and Allison Foley

90 – AKC Government Relations is Fighting for You! – Phil Guidry, J.D.

89 – Italian Greyhounds and Lilian Barber: From the Holocaust to La Scala Italian Greyhounds

88 – Wire Coated Breeds and How to Work With Them

87 – Dual Champions: Melissa Newman – Laverack vs Llewellin

86 – Dual Champions: Preservation Breeders Proof of Form and Function – Frank Luksa

85 – Wendy Paquette on Shih Tzu, Toys and Breeding Challenges

84 – Obedience at the Garden: David Haddock, AKC Judge

83 – Mike and Karen Kurtzner: Mentors, Field Judge and Beagle Buddies

82 – New to Group Ring? 10 Tips to Survive and Succeed

81 – Social Media Challenge from Randy Benns and Luke Baggenstos

80 – Steve Gladstone: In His Words

79 – Valerie Nunes-Atkinson Handling Seminars: Ready to Handle Like a Pro?

78 – Litter Evaluation Workshop: Recorded LIVE with Laura Reeves

77 – One Breed, One World: Think and Breed Global with Doug Johnson

76 – Bo Bengtson and Paul Lepiane: History and Future of Dog Show Competition

75 – Edd Bivin: Take the Lead and AKC Judge

74 – Eugene Blake: International Judge and Best Dressed Gentleman

73 – Dog Grooming: Back to Basics for Better Coats

72 – Steve Gladstone: AKC Board of Directors and Cardigan Welsh Corgis

71 – Top Dog Dreaming: Professional Handler Laura King on the Road to #1 All-Breed

70 – Movement Improvement: Expanding Dog Show Basics with Laura Reeves

69 – Dog Savvy Lawyer: Jen Amundsen – Puppy Contracts, Estate Planning and Pet Trusts

67 – African Basenji Project with Damara Bolte: Legendary Basenji Mentor

66 – Free Stack Perfection: Dog Show Basics Expanded with Laura Reeves

65 – Purina Farms Event Center: Canine Competition Destination with Kaite Flamm

64 – Bloodhound Mantrailing and Canine Health Foundation Tick Program with Susan Hamil

63 – Conformation Basics Expanded #1 by Laura Reeves

62 – Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys: Ready to Have Fun?

61 – How to Disappear as a Dog Show Handler: Janice Hayes

60 – National Purebred Dog Day: Susi Szeremy

59 – Stud Dog Management #4: Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips Before You Import or Export Semen

58 -Be the Expert That John Q. Public Needs: Michelle Santana and Foxfire Dobermans

57 – Best in Show: How an Owner-Handler Competes with the Pros – Tricia Stanczyk

56 – Stud Dog Series: Fresh, Fresh Chilled and Frozen – Do’s Don’t and Why-Nots

55 – Seizures and Epilepsy: Genetic Testing for the Cause – Liz Hansen

54 – Why National Specialties are Mentor Magic – Eileen Hackett

53 – Stud Dog Series #2: Management for Better Semen Production

52 – Simple Tips on Whelping Puppies: Myra Savant Harris

51 – Finding the Genetic Test: Pat Fendley’s Fight Against Cerebellar Ataxia in Spinone Italiano

50 – Stud Dog: Progesterone – 4 Part Series with Sirius Canine Fertility

49 – What Was the Dog Show Judge Thinking? AKC Judge and Dog Show Mentor Lee Whittier

48 – Mike Pitts: Teaching the Next Generation

47 – Yellow Submarine, Rock and Roll, Peace Out and Woofstock: Kim Meredith

46 – Two Time Crufts Winner – Breeder Owner Jason Lynn

45 – Canine Conditioning: 8 Simple Exercises from Dixie Rae Sick

44 – Call the Coonhounds: Night Hunts, Water Races and more

43 – Fight for your Breeding Rights: Patti Strand and NAIA

42 – Juniors Speak Out: Listen to the Wisdom – Jr. Showmanship Judges

41 – Girl Scouts Have Gone to the Dogs… and Get an AKC Dog Show Patch Merit Badge

40 – Breed the Best, Love the Rest: Doug and Michaelanne Johnson on Old English Sheepdogs and Bouviers

39 – Jody’s Juniors: Teaching our next generation of Dog Show Handlers

38 – Throw a Party with a Premium List: Betty-Anne Stenmark’s Guide for Dog Show Chairs and Clubs

37 – Foundation Stock Service: The Pumi and Rare Breeds Journey to AKC Recognition

36 – Bird Crazy Dogs? Learn from a Master of Bird Dogs: Ray Calkins, DVM

35 – Dogs to the Rescue: Firefighters, First Responders and Pluis Davern

34 – Sussex Spaniels, Hunt Tests, Search and Rescue: Pluis Davern Tells All

33 – The Voice of Westminster Goes Hollywood: David Frei and Kennel Club of Beverly Hills

32 – Katie Campbell: Why the Public Shows Up at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show

31 – Not a Gene Pool…a Gene Puddle: Betty-Anne Stenmark on Dandie Dinmont Terriers

30 – Hit Me with your Best Shot: Get Winning Win Photos of You and your Dog

29 – AKC’s Top Dogs – the Dog Show Superintendents with Becky Sumner of BaRay Event Services

28 – Luc Boileau: Westminster Winner, Master Breeder and AKC Judge

27 – Ringcraft: How to Read the Judge’s Mind

26 – Winners of Westminster Dog Show: Bill McFadden, Valerie Nunes Atkinson, Andy Linton

25 – Patricia Trotter: Legendary Breeder, Author, and AKC Judge – Vin-Melca’s Norwegian Elkhounds

24 – Number 1 What?: Right Dog, Right Timing, Wrong Plan

23 – Our Breeds are Endangered: Preservation Breeding-Bill Shelton

22 – You Have a Voice: Pat Laurans – Power of the AKC Delegate Role

21 – Norma Smith: Footsteps of George Alston

20 – Bomb Proof Your Puppy: Dr. Gayle Watkins #4

19 – AKC Judge Suzanne Dillin: Speaks the Hard Truth

18 – Jr Handler to Pro: 10 Tips to Beat the Odds

17 – Dr. Gayle Watkins: Transition Period in Puppies – Part 3

16 – Bill Shelton: How to Create a Family of Dogs

15 – Become a Master Handler – the 4 Levels of Handling

14 – Dr. Gayle Watkins #2 – Breeder’s Guide to Neonatal Puppies

13 – Legendary AKC Judge Virgina (Ginny) Lyne

12 – Test Your Dog’s Instincts – Wonderful World of Dog

11-Dr. Gayle Watkins – Nutrition of the Dam, Canine Nomograph and Puppy Immunity

10 – Bill and Taffe McFadden Live at AKC Nationals – Wisdom Wednesday

09 – Finding a Show Puppy

The Three Little Piggies and How They Built a Better Dog – Ep #8

7 – How to Count Dog Show Championship Points

6 – Growing Up Your Show Dog

5 – Problem Solving 101 in the Show Ring

3 – Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog

4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

Pure Dog Talk 411 – Ep 1

2 – How To Stack Your Dog